Alec Baldwin & Hilaria Baldwin expose diaper-related drama

(CNN) — Real-life couple Hilaria Baldwin and Alec Baldwin unleashed a barrage of posts from their vacation in Italy, some of which included Hilaria breastfeeding her infant son and her pushing Alec in a stroller, raising the question: Were they sending a subtle message that Alec is a lousy husband?

The couple took to Instagram to share several pictures with a message that’s likely tongue-in-cheek, with one (citing “public opinion of Alec Baldwin”) noting, “We’ve just begun the therapeutic process of resuming our normal routines as a family in Italy. These types of impromptu trips are great opportunities to connect with our kids and affirm our important role as a mother and a wife.”

But others were less amused.

Hilaria’s little munchkin

In the video she posted of baby Leonardo eating a pacifier (with Alec “milking” the pacifier), she captioned the video “A pacifier is a pacifier (and) I am NOT breastfeeding. And this is not what I intended to tell you folks.”

Another image showed Alec looking sad. “Alas poor Alec, (and) that baby,” she wrote. “With his time slot reduced I had to freeze shots till tomorrow so I could share them with you. He’s such a good dad.”

Maybe Alec was sad because this man had to use the bathroom?

Of course there are leeway with the intentions, and there’s no need to predict the future. But it should be noted that Alec appears to have been a much better husband in previous posts.

After they announced their son’s gender at a family gathering, Hilaria shared this heartfelt message: “Until we got our guidebook about the Italian Cacciatori (gentlemen hunters) and decided that it was a more appropriate time to introduce Alec and I to the ‘Italian dialect’ we had no idea they were so into the whole family-based bonding, traditions and hands-on feedings. … Not to mention it’s usually the mama who is the oldest and yet somehow learns the most. #FAMILYFRIENDLY #ItalianFamilyValues #PSAFORALLMANNACHEFICA.”

Likewise on her most recent post, Hilaria shared a photo of baby Leonardo with this caption: “After watching @irishmanny with him the other night, my husband made me take this photo. Since then I’ve stopped looking at it all the time and it’s helped keep us calm today.”

She does her husband proud

Hilaria has been married to Alec Baldwin since 2012. They met during a 2011 photoshoot for Women’s Health, and she spoke to Page Six about the ideal boyfriend for her.

“You have to be honest with the woman and understand that she’s a person first before she’s a woman, and you have to love her,” she said. “He has to be able to give it back. And if you can do that I don’t care what any of the phony ratings or ‘stars’ or ‘pawns’ are on Twitter.”

And then she had this to say about her husband’s love for her: “Alec is the type of person who when someone is funny he takes that person and gives them more heat,” she said. “We have two movies together coming out in May and he’s been e-mailing me asking how I’m getting along with the other actress.”

Stacy Oxford contributed to this report.


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