Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Joseph on his new movie

Image copyright Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic Image caption Joseph Baena holds a sign reading “Photograph Me & get in trouble!”.

Joseph Baena has announced his first movie project, and it seems his actor dad is involved as well.

Joseph, 22, is a minor celebrity in his own right. His 13-month-old son, Christopher Baena, was conceived through in vitro fertilisation by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child.

Messages to Arnold about the movie project were not immediately returned.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Arnold Schwarzenegger has previously said he “cannot speak strongly enough about” the matter

The movie is based on a photo of four children of Nancy Keaton, the stepmother of Jeff Keaton, who once dated OJ Simpson.

Ben Affleck is attached to produce and lead the project. Barbara Levinson and Alec Berg will co-produce. Matt Bai will write the script.

The timing could not be better for the actor/former governor of California. Mr Affleck directed The Accountant for which he received an Oscar nomination for best director in 2015. He will also produce Live By Night, a film based on the life of the Boston gangster Whitey Bulger.

Mr Baena’s new movie will be “gripping” and is based on details from his mother Kathy’s book Act of Valor, according to Deadline.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Baena, who is currently a student at a Santa Barbara college, shared a picture of himself with Sylvester Stallone at Comic-Con in San Diego

Since the news broke last November, Mr Baena has said he and his son “are the same person” and that the child has been “quite brave”.

He has also tried to gain custody of Christopher and the whole family has been keeping a low profile.

Speaking at Comic-Con in San Diego last July, Arnold said he “cannot speak strongly enough about this subject, or let it fester”.

The governor added that he and his family were “shocked and saddened” and he was “reluctant to speak about it for obvious reasons”.

“What happened was inappropriate. He’s now a grown man,” Mr Schwarzenegger said.

Mr Baena’s father says the question of paternity is still “up in the air”.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Schwarzenegger speaks at Comic-Con

The actor has not kept a low profile, though.

The talk show host Katie Couric managed to get an audience seat at the actor’s recent movie action-thriller The Terminator.

Joseph Baena and his new stepmother Susan Sheldon Baena are friends, TMZ reported. Ms Sheldon Baena is a former employee at GQ Magazine.

When the story first broke in November, she wrote to Kotaku: “I am a wonderful mother and I want nothing but happiness for my son.”

“I love him very much and I am doing my best to co-parent as he works through a very personal issue,” Ms Sheldon Baena added.

Joseph Baena is a student at Santa Barbara City College who volunteers at the school. He is a photographer.

Chris Baena was born via in vitro fertilisation. The child was conceived as part of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s relationship with Mildred Baena, his former housekeeper and Mr Baena’s mother.

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