Former Sonics Star Ugo Ehiogu: “I’m Sure Many Other Players Did That And I Praise Them”

This week on Fox News Radio’s “This Week,” we talked about the potential punishment for NFL players who knelt during the national anthem before last weekend’s games.

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One of the players who took a knee is Chelsea midfielder and former University of Wisconsin and Sonics star Ugo Ehiogu.

Jess Carter sat down with Ugo and Magdalena to talk about it and their time at the Sonics.

Ugo was one of the good players in the NBA. He really wanted to get the Sonics to be successful and it didn’t happen and that’s the way it is sometimes. We just haven’t had the luck yet. But, you don’t give up. You never quit. If I had it to do over again I would do it the same way with the Sonics.

By the way the league really didn’t want me to take a knee. In fact, they actually came up to me and told me not to take a knee and that they would try to get me fined or suspended from any game, anything that I did to take a knee on Sunday. So, it was almost that when I went out there, I did it with such a purpose of knowing that there was an agenda and an organization that wanted me to do it. You still got to play the game and you got to show heart and determination to do it. I felt like I did that and I’m sure many other players did that and I salute them.

Jess also has an update from Thailand.

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