Natalie Abrahami, NPR’s senior vice president for content, discusses her connection to Russia

American Public Media has made its way to Moscow via its Russia Today channel, which allowed Natalie Abrahami, a Senior Vice President at NPR, to see the country for the first time.

The blond, blue-eyed Ms. Abrahami, who joined NPR in 2006 as a Features Writer, isn’t thrilled about one detail — her two-bedroom apartment. “It’s messy and dirty,” she said through a translator in an NPR podcast this month. “My guests keep saying things like, ‘Oh, great, so your apartment isn’t like at home.’ What do you mean? Oh, so you just go here and come back?”

In the podcast, Ms. Abrahami also discusses her conversations with many Russian people, as well as her unique connection to Russia after living in Boston for a year following the breakup of her first marriage.

In this year’s NPR Saveur magazine (issue on newsstands now), to celebrate the magazine’s 20th anniversary, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Ellen Brown, asked readers to write about their favorite eats in the country. Responses from Ms. Abrahami hit on topics ranging from noodles and Borscht to alcohol. In other words, she was asking for discussion about the food on Russia Today.

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