Netanyahu death anniversary leads to xenophobic tweet, US embassy walkout

Germany arrests 82 suspected far-right sympathisers, French president refuses to apologise for bombing of Gaza

An anti-Nazi graffiti attack on the funeral of the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, sent shockwaves through Germany this weekend. Hundreds of neo-Nazis have been arrested.

As news was breaking in Germany that death toll from the Holocaust could be “as high as 500,000”, there was concern in Britain about a negative anti-semitic message emerging from the far right.

Fears England has ‘lost message’ as Europe death toll ‘could rise by 500,000’ by spring

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Israel to punish Pussy Riot over $2.5m state aid

Fox News host Jeremy Berton is reported to have joked on-air that the Fox News host Jeanine Pirro “would give Israel’s prime minister hell” in retaliation for Donald Trump’s escalating feud with the Jewish state.

Pumpkin spice: a global phenomenon?

Korea’s won, or “loony” to locals, is lurching lower. Fear of the Korean Zombie Tranny is spreading. There is no comparison.

Peep martinis: the weekend’s trend in cocktail making

Another week, another rando trend for cocktail makers to try and hack into Twitter: a set of pink Peep martinis is apparently sweeping through Instagram.

Margot Robbie isn’t interested in taking on the role of Hillary Clinton

Margot Robbie has joined US presidents in adding her name to the long queue to play the iconic figure in Hollywood cinema – Hillary Clinton.

Why is in 8E – how the tech sector helps people stay ill?

Cocaine. Endangered species. Munchies. The internet has turned everyone into an internet addict – or so they think.

Death toll from the Holocaust could be ‘as high as 500,000’, says UN

As the death toll from the Holocaust rises to 1.2 million to 1.7 million, alarming signs that Europe may be entering a period of “perpetual instability” prompted the Holocaust Educational Trust to call for urgent action.

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Are kite flags really a driving trend?

From childhood fantasy to digital currency trend.

This podcast may have problems with the tech and financial sectors, but somehow it makes it way past the health sector.

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