Rural Naples: “This is the Worst Sidewalk Coma in Naples”

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Right before Broadway, Florida cracks open at U.S. 31, sidewalk in Naples is lined with construction equipment. Huge pillars cross the roadway, as a large cement box blocks one of the sidewalks.

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Very few people walking have any idea why.

No contract work; no warning; unannounced construction; this is what Andrea Watkins, Executive Director of Sunrise Neighborhoods Association, calls the worst sidewalk dilemma in Naples.

Watch the full segment with Andrea Watkins on Fox News Insider below

Strip malls on the rise: If you’ve ever wondered why strip malls like this are the latest in the affordable housing trend, this is your answer.

Paulette Trent tells Dan Abrams why she’s so passionate about providing affordable housing:

Then, exclusively with Dan Abrams, members of a small Greek-American neighborhood in Clearwater are suing one of their famous neighbors for failing to maintain their properties.

On top of that, two families living in the neighborhood tell Dan about their feud with Howard University, which wants to build a football stadium on what used to be their street.

Listen below for part 1 of Dan Abrams on Savannah Morning News.

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