Tesla CEO tweets out possible details about China’s first Model S production plant

Tesla investor expectations hit an all-time high Tuesday after Chief Executive Elon Musk issued a new tweet: “Model S P&C coming soon to China with plaid interior.”

The update was tweeted out at 10:22 a.m. along with another tweet with the listing price of $140,000. “It should ship in March 2019,” it said. The Model S is currently only on sale in North America.

According to Reuters, Tesla declined to provide further comment on the Model S’s rollout in China or where production will be done.

The post was accompanied by the image of a Model S with an interior “stitched” in the traditional plaid. The press release was signed, “Elon Musk” — he had previously shared plans to bring a Model X with traditional English seating, “a labor-intensive touch designed for novices who want to get comfortable on the Road.”

The move is a shift from Musk’s initial plans for the car, originally announced in September, when he planned to offer the Model S with a new blank canvas interior to make it “not just drivable but competitive with anything you can get in the realm of full-on luxury cars and SUVs.”

In a statement, Musk had also said, “China is a very important market for Tesla. This new offering is just the beginning. I am excited to share this news now, as I expect the excitement to rise in China with each passing week and vehicle announcement.”

Back in October, Tesla announced that it was expanding its Model 3 assembly line in Shanghai. More recently, Musk has tweeted out numerous updates in relation to Tesla’s progress in the production of its Model 3.

It looks like Tesla has already made some progress with its China production in the past few months. The company announced in November that it was starting production of its Model Y at its China facility.

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