These Ethiopian teachers supply perfect, funny examples of soccer goals that everyone should know

If you are a soccer fan, you know that a goal in any one of the games you are watching may have a double meaning behind it. Thousands of years after the invention of football, the reference points have been lost, sometimes never to be seen again. Offside is an oft-used example, because if you try to score an own goal, you are called offside unless a defender is next to you, and he is not on the pitch. Well, in Ethiopia, they now have a man who provides such references to ensure that goals are scored in a green way.

Geoffrey Tsegaye, 42, leads the education program being implemented at the Waweru Rural Women’s University in Bekoji, Ethiopia. One of his most important roles is to provide examples to students of the right and wrong rules of play. You’ve probably seen his work on Instagram, with his picture of Thiago Alcantara scoring a successful penalty against Germany and captioning it “Teaching the kids here, they must not be allowed to score offside!” That makes him a kind of soccer Bart Simpson, sharing stories in the hopes of protecting a sporting dream and the future of a country.

This was happening from a before the advent of Twitter.

People need to be schooled in football rules before FIFA #education — Geoffrey Tsegaye (@TsegayeGeoffrey) November 24, 2015

When he’s not teaching his mission, he and his wife, Exilier Tsegaye, have recently opened a new restaurant, a restaurant that aims to focus on sustainable food and provide job opportunities for future generations of young men and women in Ethiopia. “We have opened this to raise new generations,” he said. “We know education is very important, not only in football, but it is necessary for those in poverty too.”

A few weeks ago, Geoffrey posted a picture of himself with a large, hopeful portrait, captioning it, “Someone needs to save the world right now!” This is the man that could be that person.

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