Tori Spelling: I’m pregnant with another baby and won’t take this photo without Dean

Celebrity family Christmas photo of the year??

Because it’s 2018, Tori Spelling took to Instagram Sunday night to explain why her husband Dean McDermott wasn’t included in the photo — and he’s doing just fine, thank you very much.

Spelling, who gave birth to son Finn Russell in January, wished her husband a happy birthday Saturday and posted an adorable family photo of him, their four children (age 5, 5, 7 and 9) and their dog.

The side-by-side photo has been shared more than 20,000 times since it was posted with comments including, “So sweet,” “Yay!!!” and “You have adorable kids,” but there was something missing from the pic — McDermott, who seems to have a healthier relationship with his two sons than his older two daughters.

“Yes…I’m pregnant and have two beautiful children!!” Spelling, 46, captioned the photo. “We may have just purchased a new addition to our family but everyone seems to agree that Dean is the hero of our family.”

“Honestly, he is the very best dad we could have asked for,” she added. “The second Finn was born I thought how incredible this is going to be…To have 2 homes with 2 different dads. (yes, Dean and I are partners…we are each other’s equal). But, for 2 days now it has been hard not having Dean with our children every single day.”

“God I miss Dean, I really do,” she added. “I’m not looking forward to another family photo without him. Our kids love him so dearly, we both love him and he is truly family.”

“I’m just not ready for that…even though our family photo this year looks amazing, I would feel wrong in our home without Dean,” she concluded. “Dean is part of our family, our family is our home and home is always full of love. So for now, this year is another #LoveForDean family photo, with my love and kids, Finn and Stella in the same room together. Happy Father’s Day Dean.”

Photos of McDermott with their 4 children were featured on the screen while Spelling waved her hands and danced in the same room to music in the photo, which she said was shot two days ago.

If only things were that simple for their 4 kids.

Over the years, McDermott’s relationship with their older children has been a bit rocky.

In one episode of their TLC reality show “True Tori,” they bickered about whether Finn’s birthday party would include a Superman cake.

In another episode, Dean explained to his wife that he had picked a Batman/Superman cake for their 9-year-old Stella’s birthday party.

It’s been four years since “True Tori” ended, but Spelling continues to plug it on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

As for McDermott, he and his oldest two daughters Finn and Hattie are still part of the family photo.

She didn’t make a public mention of what happened to him but we’re guessing he was not invited to Finn’s birthday party.

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