Verstappen warns he could get ‘way more’ rough treatment in F1

Ravers don’t hold back this time of year, and Max Verstappen is likely to face all sorts of nasty behaviour from the weekend.

The F1 rookie, who was banned from Alesi GT3 at the track at Gent in May last year, shared that concern with FOX Sports Australia reporter Leigh Diffey, as he looked forward to the Dutch Grand Prix.

“Hopefully not too bad this year, but it never is there,” he said when asked about the potential for on-track aggression.

“If you’re not cool or careful, you’ll get way more.

“I’m trying to be as innocent as possible but, in terms of power, it’s much more intense when you’re behind the wheel of a proper car.”

On Ferrari rival Sebastian Vettel’s comments about Mercedes’ title chances at the Turkish Grand Prix, Verstappen insisted that his team mate Lewis Hamilton “is in the best place in the world” heading into his own debut contest at the Mediterranean Circuit.

He was also adamant that his personality would help him succeed at Red Bull Racing.

“I think the best and purest of drivers are like Lewis,” he said.

“You don’t see very many underachievers. In terms of personalities, I’m quite a sort of calm person.”

His achievements as a teenager have been impressive, but Verstappen believes his only concern is finishing behind his team-mate Daniel Ricciardo.

“At 18, I’m young, I’m doing well and I’ve achieved a lot. Now it’s more about winning races,” he said.

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