Why Has Elizabeth Holmes Dropped Away?

By Chuck Norris

HACKY PARTS OF LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Elizabeth Holmes is a hypochondriac.

Just kidding.

Let’s be realistic, though, her doctor had prescribed medication and recommended potassium intake for Thompson’s Lupus, but the Ms. Holmes refused to take it.

Think about that.

Really think about that — why wouldn’t the owner of a building that housed a cancer center just say, “You know what, I can’t take this medication,” when she was diagnosed with Lupus?

Yeah, I can’t sleep with the dreamy feeling I get.

I’m thinking the cannabis compound in marijuana can increase hyposcleraxis, which is the narrowing of blood vessels due to inflammation.

Hell, in the early days of the medical marijuana industry, marijuana was believed to be a healing agent because it blocked the effect of other medications.

Yes, I know that pot works for brain health, but if one doctor can no longer trust Ms. Holmes about how to diagnose her — I guess that means one doctor can no longer trust any patient.

I got a cold sore in the fall of 2014. When you have a cold sore, you ask your doctor if she can prescribe a mask for the rash to help with her work schedule and medications can’t stand in her way.

So I took my cold sore to a wonderful woman named Jeni Izzi. Jeni was my healthcare provider in the early days of my being medicinal medicinal marijuana-certified.

Here’s what Izzi told me: “There’s no one treatment for cold sores. No cream, no lanolin, no mask, no medication. There is, however, a really super strong anti-inflammatory … The key for cold sores is an anti-inflammation medication like MEDILLIN, containing 1,024 pure human CBD. There’s hardly any chance of a cold sore unless the cold sore is aggressive and inflamed, then you can include MEDILLIN, if the cold sore already has so much flu-like symptoms that the doctor wants to help the patient with it. If you’re immuno-compromised, the anti-inflammance medication that Jeni uses will work better for your cold sore as well. And the safest and easiest way to get MEDILLIN into the bloodstream? Use CURE IN YOUR BODY!!!”

Well that all sounds familiar, so I asked Jeni how to find the ingredients she used for MEDILLIN, since I don’t know where to find a store or online.

She told me the medical marijuana law allows dispensaries to list the product ingredients and recommended a website called http://www.medillin.com. Once you go there, if you are interested in using MEDILLIN, you will see on their site a list of ingredients. It’s all right there on the web.

I’m curious to know how this poor girl with cancer felt when she did no doctor’s orders, no lab tests, nothing.

A bit of background: Iyer is a talented musician who founded THE TALK.

So you know, even in those early days when I started to believe people would come back from their yoga retreats healed, I still wondered: What about those people who wouldn’t go to that retreat, who had a cold sore — they, too, could take MEDILLIN!

Some just as — not as fervently — about their health as one who is anxious to smoke a joint for relief — those folks actually leave cannabis clinics and doctors’ offices looking better than before they went.

Even today, I’ve been approached about medications like TYPRIUM (the cannabis compound that binds to the pituitary gland’s thyroid gland to prevent production of the hormone cortisol) and ERVAGIN (an oral medication that contains 25 percent of the high CBD content of MEDILLIN). And a few years ago, I’ve read articles indicating that the drugs are really helpful for a number of conditions, including chronic back pain, Lyme disease, severe migraines, and Type 1 diabetes.

But the kicker with all of these drugs is that they work only with marijuana products and they can only work under the supervision of doctors who can prove they are prescribed by a licensed physician.

Why can’t you see this type of work with a crystal remedy?

Why can’t you trust a remedy to work?

My brother always loved to say, “I didn’t know she had Lupus before she used pot — she knew she had Lupus. The pot just made everything even better.”

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