Boris Johnson is at it again, this time over his feelings about Theresa May

Boris Johnson has been spending his day running interference for Theresa May as the Prime Minister struggles to rally her party behind the plan for the Brexit negotiations and muster the support of her ministers in a push to get the withdrawal agreement across the line. The BBC reports that Boris attended an initial meeting with Brexit secretary David Davis in Brussels this morning, but he departed by midday without making a further statement.

“The result of discussions so far has been very positive,” a spokesman for the Foreign Secretary told reporters in Brussels.

Earlier, Boris left Boris Johnson-style notes at Downing Street, which offered some insight into how he is feeling today, with a “takeaway” message.

“Grace cannot be faked but it is immensely fortunate to have found her,” it said. “Grace is playing a vital role as Chief Whip. Someone whose persuasive powers are unsurpassed – helpful and encouraging. “As good bosses go, she’s on form.”

Appearing on LBC Radio this morning, Boris insisted that Mrs May was “clear” in her approach to the negotiations and that ministers had welcomed her plans. “The whole of the cabinet are incredibly happy with the direction which we are taking and Theresa is the Prime Minister, I’m in cabinet and I know that and they’re all happy with the way that Theresa has set the arguments out…”

The issue was raised at another cabinet meeting this morning. Following speculation that some of the cabinet had sent letters to the chair of the party, a further 11 were reported to have done so.

Boris attempted to dismiss that as a “storm in a teacup”, and repeated Theresa May’s line that the public overwhelmingly wanted Brexit.

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