How a Canadian startup will keep truckers within automatics

Montreal-based Clean Transportes is a pioneering startup which aims to create a “cloud-based media platform” to help large, heavy-duty truck fleet operators align marketing, fleet management and fleet operations.

Clean Transportes first built its platform to help Renault Truck’s UK Truck Group become more nimble in meeting the operational needs of their fleet. It has since created tools that help other truck brands make smarter investments and manage costs in fleet operations.

“Our vision is to provide a company with a complete single platform to help them achieve operational, fleet and marketing objectives,” said Roberto Bruneau, Founder & CEO of Clean Transportes. “It’s the only organization of its kind in North America that combines the use of remote monitoring systems with a technological backbone that makes sure that anything you do with the device, like reduce idling, is recorded, analyzed and embedded into your central business and corporate administration systems.”

Effenco – which stands for “Electrifying Transport,” which is also the brand name for Clean Transportes – is based in Montreal and works with major truck manufacturers, fleets and major fleets. The platform serves dozens of companies who are getting at the issue of trucks idling at a time when American oil prices are above $80 a barrel.

“When the oil price started going up again like it is now, we started realizing that the fleets we are servicing are constantly short of resources,” said Bruneau. “If they want to make maximum use of their resources, they can’t keep those trucks idling as much and they need to analyze their data in real time. The goal is to create an operator-focussed environment.”

What did Motions provide?

Back in 2014, Motions Corp, a Vancouver-based automotive technology firm, was looking to do something a little bit different with their sensor tech and they were approached by Clean Transportes.

“We think it is important to leave things open-ended to the possibility of convergence with different industries,” said Doug “Sparky” Finnegan, Founder & CEO of Motions Corp. “The sense was that the startup being based in Montreal had the skills to have a meaningful presence in North America and to have interaction with the truck industry in a big way.”

What did Motions provide?

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