The single day when most shops throw a sale

Last-minute shopping with an eye on the bright side of life is a thing of the past – in fact, shopping on Black Friday is now regarded as almost ancient history, is a waste of time, and frequently accompanied by crowd disorder and violence. Which makes a bit of good sense given that the day which celebrates the sale of discounted goods is almost exclusively the domain of online retailers, as yet more bricks-and-mortar shops just can’t compete.

However, taking advantage of a good deal is hard enough without worrying if it’s affecting the physical stores, so luckily, 2016 saw the introduction of Single Saturdays to mark all major months that also fall on one day. Using an app called RetailMeNot, shoppers can snap up the discounts offered by store in real time, and many clothing retailers are offering big money-saving vouchers that mean shoppers don’t have to head to the shops to get the deal.

Sadly, not all of these deals can be accessed until the following weekend – so make sure you still take advantage of something for you and your dog if you are wanting something in particular this Friday 1 July.

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