Toronto police probe ‘foul play’ in shooting death

Image copyright Public Domain Image caption Investigators are now looking at the possibility that foul play was involved

Police in Toronto are examining the possibility of foul play in the death of a man who was shot a week ago.

Antoine Woods, 26, was shot in the chest outside a parked vehicle in Toronto last week.

He died on Wednesday. Police said the investigation was now being handled by homicide detectives.

In recent years there have been a number of other shootings in the city linked to gang activity.

Deathbed confession

Public broadcasters CBC and CP24 told of the confrontation between Mr Woods and a group of men on the night of the shooting.

The last conversation the driver of the car had with his passenger was the day after the shooting.

“I told him my son was shot. He said ‘oh he’ll be OK. I don’t know who it was that killed him’.

“I told him to go home and contact the police and he said ‘well I don’t know if they’re going to get him’.

“I told him to tell the police everything. He went to the radio station and told them,” said Geddes’s father, Danny.

‘Unspeakable violence’

Writing in The Toronto Star on Friday, Darryl James, president of the Toronto Police Association, called for a real crackdown on gang members.

“Last week, we witnessed another horrific killing. Families have broken apart as a result of these senseless deaths.

“Our members must have the tools, community support and comprehensive support that is available to any other member of the RCMP that were subjected to the same conditions and trauma endured by our members last week.”

A video of the arrest by police of one of the men involved in the shooting, Caius Veiiux, 17, shows him cuffed and not making any attempt to flee.

“He’s compliant, his hands are handcuffed. He’s quiet. He’s cooperating,” the officer says in the video.

The officer can be heard telling Veiiux to “stop resisting and say something, because that guy started doing that a couple times… I won’t do nothing with you, cause I got an arrest warrant for you, you know what I’m saying.”

Mr Woods’s family and friends want to know why police chose to arrest him.

“I would have thought if somebody was killed and shot four times I would have been walked out of that hospital in handcuffs,” Mr Woods’s mother said.

“That’s how bad these people are if they don’t want you to call the police and if you get shot four times you’re going to end up in that hospital.”

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